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While she is going to launch a suicide attack, Lux confesses his feelings and she returns to her senses.

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A mysterious noblewoman who hailed from Einfolk House of the Ymir Theocracy. She captured Lux after the bath incident. She then took notice of the fact that he carries two Sword Devices, and that one in particular is black, prompting her suspicions towards Lux as the Black Hero. During his welcoming party game, Lux hid inside the girls changing room where he accidentally saw Krulcifer in her underwear, but she also took advantage of the situation to make him serve her for a week.

During the week, Lux had to work as Krulcifer's "boyfriend" in an attempt to remove herself from the interest of suitors set up by her adoptive family. During a mission to the Ruin Garden , Lux learned the truth about Krulcifer as one of the Ruin's few survivors but that doesn't stop him from protecting her from harm. This became more evident during his later duel against Balzeride for her sake.

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Since then, Lux has become Krulcifer's tease subject and love interest. After Mel Gizalut kissed Lux's cheek, she then explained the Einfolk Household's decision about the engagement. Even though they scolded Krulcifer because of her awful prank, the Household praised her for choosing Lux to be the candidate and they now approve of the two having a relationship.

Over time, Lux has started developing feelings for Krulcifer and confessed to her that he also loves her as a man before kissing her. While Krulcifer was greatly happy by this, the time loop created by Avalon caused her to forget about the exchange the next day. Lux's childhood friend and fellow classmate in the Royal Officer Academy. Seven years ago, Lux met Philuffy and played a lot together because of the Aingram House's association with Lux's mother.

Due to that relationship, especially when Philuffy was one of very few who sympathised with Lux after his mother's death, Lux and Philuffy have a very close relationship together. They usually address themselves via their nicknames: "Lu-chan" and "Phi-chan". Additionally, Philuffy was the reason Lux staged a coup against his very own country, as he wanted to prevent her becoming one of Old Empire's experimental subjects.

Next to his little sister, Philuffy is perhaps the most important person in Lux's life. Her existence has served as moral reminder of everything Lux fights for.

Gazan wounded in Israel border clashes last week said to die of injuries

Over time, Lux came to love Philuffy in the same way she loves him. Due to a longtime friendship between the Arcadia and Aingram families, even after the former's downfall via a coup, Lux was spared from his imprisonment and he joined the Royal Officer Academy under Relie's recommendation. At times, Lux is bothered by her attempts to push him into a relationship with her little sister.

The academy's strongest student and one of Four Great Noble's prestigious member, who was also infamous for hating men. Unlike most students, Celis strongly opposed Lux's enrollment in the academy at first, despite him saving the students during her absence. Lux interacted with Celis under his cross-dressing moniker as Luno, at one point going shopping and having a picnic together. He realized that she is a normal girl behind her proud demeanor, and her "man-hating" reputation was actually due to her lack of interaction with men aside from her father.

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In a mock duel between both Lux and Celis, which is later interrupted by both Poseidon and Heiberg Republic's plot with Celis' friend Saniya being revealed as a spy , Lux protected Celis from harm while learning that his grandfather's Wade Roadbelt died as an unintended consequence of Celis's actions. He forgave Celes and claimed that he would never hate her.

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Since becoming friends, Lux would often try to help Celis with her social awkwardness. After he joined the Seven Dragon Paladins, she became his aid in order to help him to the best of her abilities and to be closer to him. Over time, Lux came to trust and treasure Celis, thus he still tends to get bother by lack of social awareness at times.

During the first day of New Years parade, Lux accidentally over heard Celis practicing saying she loves him. This caused him to realize he also loves her as a man and would confess to her on the third night, asking her if she would become betroth to him. She agreed but because of the time loop, both of them end up forgetting this. Nevertheless, Lux still knows he loves Celis. Lux and the Triad have a mutual respect for one another. The Triad are usually friendly with Lux after his enrollment into the academy. They even brought gifts for him while he was in the hospital, which he later repaid them by buying them gift afterwards.

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Lux trusts them enough to asks them for help when he went to fight Balzeride Kreutzer, even revealing his identity as the Black Hero. However, like most of the girls at the academy, the Triad don't mind making Lux perform requests for them. One request involving Lux having to wear a girl's uniform during a watch-out, excusing it as for the sake of the academy and not for their personal interest which it was.

While the Triad don't seem to hold any romantic feeling for Lux, they enjoy teasing him about how popular he is and the situations he get's into with the other girls. In the light novels, there are more hints towards the Triad girls having a romantic interest in Lux, as in many events the tend to blush from his actions as well as show jealousy whenever other girls are being intimate with Lux. Lux himself has started seeing them in a similar light as well. Sharis already tells Lux about her feeling.

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