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  1. How to Build a Culture of Originality
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Who is Braden Kelley? And also co-founded the world's most popular innovation web site: "I help organizations increase their organizational agility and accelerate their speed of innovation and organizational change.

If you're looking to create a culture of continuous change, tackle some of your innovation barriers, train your employees to be more innovative change agents, or to build a more profitable, more social business -- let's talk. Translate Page Into:. Search for:. Close this module.

How to Build a Culture of Originality

Please fill out all required fields. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank. Research Code. Company Name. Instructions: Read each statement and determine how much you agree with each one, using this scale: 0 — None 1 — A Little 2 — Partially 3 — Often 4 — Fully -- Select the answer for each question that is most appropriate.

We have a common definition for the word 'innovation'. Innovation is one of our core values.


There is support for taking risks. It is okay to fail once in a while. Our company has an innovation strategy. Our innovation strategy is linked to our corporate strategy.

Senior executives drive innovation in our organization. We have people focused on identifying key future market, customer, and other insights. Innovation is the job of my boss. Innovation is part of my job.

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I know how to submit an innovation idea. We have a web site for submitting innovation ideas. This study in this paper is limited to one Danish manufacturing company, which is considered to be one of the most innovative and excellent companies in Denmark. However, it is desirable to apply the model in other companies and industries.

This paper offers a model to understand and measure innovation results and its enablers, and the application of the model will give companies a better chance of attaining innovative excellence.