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Archangel Metatron is an enigma. Though he has played an important role in many historical religious events and may be One of the main reasons why archangels can handle so many the most powerful angel of all, in most sources he is overshad- duties and dominions is because of their exceedingly long lives.

It was by his com- in faiths that speak of angels. Gabriel rules First Heaven. He appears very wise, and rarely speaks on his own and vengeance. Some call him the prince of justice, for it was he behalf though his superior can communicate with him at any who smote the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah which also time and speak through him.

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Raphael is the ruler of Second Heaven, and ruler of Fourth Heaven. Michael is chief of the Virtues guardian of the Tree of Life in Heaven, and regent of the sun. Raphael is one of the three cast angels that they were banned from Heaven for their treason. It angels who visited the patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah, is said that the first cherubim arose from the tears he shed over the announcing that despite their great age they would have a son. After the him. In some lands he is wrestling with Gabriel. She dislikes violence and works to ease mis- invoked as St.

Michael, benevolent angel of death in the sense that ery and sorrow in the world. She is a grigori, but greatly respected he delivers the faithful from pain and grants them access to immor- despite the doom that has befallen others of her kind. It is partly tality in the afterlife. As St. Michael, he was also one of the patrons due to her influence that the repentant grigori those cast out for of the Knights of the Round Table. Michael prefers a male form with dark curly hair. He is usually depicted with a halo, wearing a single-piece breastplate and holding Though sometimes depicted as male, Raphael prefers the form of an unsheathed sword.

The promise of this reward is why he is an Angel and good deities he serves. He brings soul the choice to return or not. Remiel is also a chief of thunder other angels to account for their improper deeds, and he is the cre- and the angel responsible for true prophetic visions. Because of his actions against other destination. When the keep Heaven pure of corruption. When the patriarch Enoch visited conqueror Sennacherib besieged Jerusalem, in was Remiel who Heaven as a mortal, it was Raguel who carried him to and from the destroyed the attacking army surrounding the holy city—number- mortal world.

He man with a halo. He dresses in the clothing of a soldier from a embraces humility and encourages similar behavior in other angels. He is said to have angel of prophecy and salvation. He watches over thunder and dominion over the earth. He is captain of the angels of terror who guard the divine Like Michael, he is a benevolent angel of death, and he was thrones.

When Adam and Even were banished from Eden, Uriel sent to fetch the soul of Moses when it came time for the patri- guarded the gate of Eden with his flaming sword to prevent arch to leave the mortal world for good. As a judge of souls, them from returning. Later, Uriel helped bury Adam in Heaven Zerachiel is stern but fair, hiding an inner sadness over the and was sent to warn Noah of the flood.

He is known through- fates that mortals make for themselves by their misdeeds. Though he rarely has time to When the Last Judgment comes, he will break the adamantine confront them himself, he sends lesser angels to locate and gates in Hell so that all waiting souls may come forth to be destroy fiends. His halo resembles the When interacting with mortals, Uriel prefers a regal-looking and corona of the sun. He is never without his fiery sword.

He is sometimes listed as an archangel, and he is wor- scholars, hundreds of other named angels appear in the literature shipped in some cultures as a war god. He leads an army of 12, of various religions. A few of the more interesting or unusual ones angels, which is used to surround the deific thrones when Heaven appear below. As well as leading armies of angels He is called the unshakeable, faithful, and unseduced. Anael LG principality Clr15 : Anael is a chief of the principali- ties and one of the angels who assisted in the creation of the world.

As a powerful angel concerned with the planets, he and the first fire-speaking angel. He has transcended his original makes sure that prayers from the mortal world ascend properly form and now always exists in a spherical fire elemental form in through First Heaven onward to Second Heaven. He also assists Raphael in the curing of disease. He some- prince of divine law, a regent of the motion of the planets, and an times assists those guarding the divine thrones in Seventh Heaven.

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Iofiel was sent to watch over and Ariel is not the same angel routed by Abdiel as noted above. The guide the sons of Noah after the great flood. His primary responsibility is to the writing being mortal births, and the erasing mortal deaths. His chief duty is to take the worthiest new arrivals to Heaven angelic prince of the stars.

Among the first grigori to come to the and clothe them in righteousness typically reserved for great mortal world, he taught mortals the science of the constellations. In heroes or influential clergy , so they may serve as saints. Often confused seraphim and of Second Heaven. Also known as the Morningstar or the Lightbringer, he is said to be the brightest angel. He fed and cared for the many speak through her as needed. When seven once Penemuel, a grigori sent to the Material Plane to educate devout men were to be burned alive for their refusal to make sac- mortals.

Once known for his ability to cure disorders of the mind rifices to the demon Baal, it was Nathanael who protected the as well as stupidity itself, he transgressed against Heaven by teach- men and burned the demon worshippers instead. He is one of the ing mortals writing, which at the time was forbidden because it angels whose dominion is hidden things, and he has gone to the could corrupt mortal thought.

Angry at this unreasonable edict, he mortal realm to help heroes overcome impossible odds. Because rebelled against Heaven and is thought to still wander the mortal of his missions to aid mortal heroes, he is a favorite among world to this day. He was destroyed dur- ophanite whose body is made of brass and lit with orange light.

As an evil angel, Rahab may have been a other angels. He is the author witches and heretics. The book was. He personally carries new songs of angels, cast into the sea, retrieved by Rahab between his first and praise to the gods as an honor to their composers. Raziel is sometimes classified as an archangel.

He is a guardian of the south and, despite his Chapter Two: Angels. Uzziel names Usiel as his eternal foe for ruining powerful angel upon his death. Called the twin brother of his good name. He is a leader knowledge of the zodiac which he was not supposed to do, and of the military hashmalim, and he is sometimes listed as an was barred from Heaven for a time before atoning for this act. He archangel. Her name seems to be a Fourth Heaven, and teacher of angels.

He speaks 70 languages. He is easily recognized for his unusual halo, the Shekinah is a balancing feminine counterpart to his male pres- which resembles two glowing horns of divine energy sweeping out- ence. She blesses the marital fast and stealthy angel. It was he who infiltrated Hell and discov- unions of all faithful couples and brings them healthy children. Zophiel is the second lieutenant of Michael.

Due to his frequent conductor of all choirs of angels. Though he rarely was able to throw off the taint of Hell and was welcomed back into comes to the mortal realm, his talent and power echoes in the Heaven. He is the guide angel of Noah. I n addition, several unusual organizations in the mortal realm only confide their special interests at cult meetings.

Though much concern, were started by, or are composed of angels. These of what they do is evil, members of the Brotherhood see them- groups—the Brotherhood of Pure Spirit, Council of Wings, selves as redeemers of angels in danger. Brotherhood of Pure Spirit Members: Unknown. Most temples are probably free of this The Brotherhood of Pure Spirit is a religious cult that believes cult, but its level of penetration into otherwise good temples is angels should not be contaminated by consorting with mortal unknown.

These extremists hunt down and kill angelic crossbreeds aasimar and half-celestials and banish the parent angels Hierarchy: Cell-based back to Heaven to be purified. Believing them- Leader: Varies selves good, they destroy many innocent Religion: Varies lives in the pursuit of their goals. Alignment: LN most common , N, LE Secrecy: Highly secret members only Brief History know others within their cell Symbol: Pair of white angelic The Brotherhood dates back wings floating above a parapet about years to Jagrin, a representing a barrier between slightly mad cleric tasked with the mortal and angelic world repairing the damage caused by a fallen angel named Hierarchy Tarzakhiel.

In researching what Tarzakhiel had done, All members of a cell defer to Jagrin found that the angel the cell leader, who may be a once had a mortal lover and cleric of any rank within the mortal offspring. The cleric temple. In the though it had occurred years earlier. Below is a sample cell leader. Though cast out of Balefor LN human male Clr5 is the sur- his church for his deeds, Jagrin survived long enough to create vivor of a cell from another temple in a distant city.

He splinter cults in several different religions, and now the came to his current temple after his old cell was broken and scat- Brotherhood transcends his original faith, poisoning the minds of tered, and decided to begin recruiting shortly after establishing otherwise good individuals.

All My Angel Friends (Little Angel Books Series)

The cult is organized into cells that are each led by a charismatic Motivation and Goals and possibly demented member of the clergy. Breeding with mortals unusual circumstances. To accomplish members of their faith when not engaged in cult activities and their goals, members of the Brotherhood feel they must purify all angels that have tainted themselves by procreating with mortals and.

When they banish an angel Council of Wings by using banishment or similar spells or slay angelic offspring, they The Council of Wings is an alliance of angels and fiends who have grown weary of the War between Heaven and Hell, but love are sure to mark the site of the deed with their symbol or make some the mortal realm and its inhabitants too much to simply stand by and let them be destroyed by their more zealous angelic and announcement so word of their deeds and purpose can spread.

Agents of the Council intervene to protect mortal populations from harm and secretly confound the more Because angelic offspring are almost always born of mortal warlike agents of Heaven and Hell. Angels grow women. Women are not weary of watching their friends destroyed by enemy swords or Adventure Seed: Brotherhood Revelation allowed to join the corrupted into evil forms.

In the centuries angelic bloodlines, the high priest is revealed to ic crossbreeds are slain that passed, she tracked down her friend, now called Malchiboth, be a member of the Brotherhood of Pure Spirit, along with their progeny. The two discussed the War, with nearly half the congregation being mem- their broken friendship, and the future of the world. From these bers of the cell under him. Because their activities talks came the idea of a council of angels and demons who secret- are on the evil side of neu- ly opposed the War.

Senior officials of the faith have not reprimand- trality, divine spellcasters of ed him for his stance. Will this tear the temple the Brotherhood who wor- The Organization apart? Will the high priest form a public splinter ship good deities lose their cult of his faith? Or is a more infernal not normally enter Heaven and angels attract too much attention source to blame? Instead they pick meeting places on the Material Plane such as the site of a great battle or an agreed-upon barren place spellcasting abilities when where they can gather unobserved.

By necessity, they make their meetings infrequent and small. Each member knows only a hand- they make the transition to ful of others to prevent the exposure of all the members if one cell is betrayed. Because of this problem, the most fervent tral Secrecy: Highly secret. Though its founders are still part of the Council, they do not con- sider themselves superior to any other member.

Out of respect, Recruiting the other members do look to them for advice. All members of the Council are considered equal within it and have equal voting Leaders recruit within their own churches, trusting only people they rights, even though some are low demons and one is an know well enough with their secret agenda. Potential recruits must archangel. Only in religions where angelic crossbreeds are forbidden can members of the Brotherhood operate with the full support of their church.

Allies Because of its extreme views, the Brotherhood has few allies except its own kind. It gains tangential support from churches that perse- cute crossbreeds but rarely any open support. Evil churches have been known to fund Brotherhood cells secretly, furthering the cause of evil by removing the agents of good. Enemies Obviously angels who have part-mortal families oppose the Brotherhood, as do religions that condone relations between angels and mortals. Even those angels without offspring object to the ban- ishment of angels and the wholesale slaughter of angelic offspring.

Council mem- goddess of healing, protection, and light. Though worn down by bers do make use of mortals, though most mortals who serve the millennia of battle against the forces of evil, she always retained Council have no idea of its existence. That hope was nearly crushed when her closest friend fell, but she rekindled it Even bound angels can be members of the Council. Now under- However, they can only join if the deity in ques- standing that the War is as good as end- tion is not a devoted supporter of the Great less and if it does end, it will cause War.

For example, a good mortals more than they deity whose primary interest believe in the Great War. Tricked by a demon Allies prince into accepting a magical tool, he succumbed to the poison the Because of its extremely polarized item whispered into his mind and membership, the Council has a hard became a demon. Malchiboth is want to eliminate half of the organization. By repentant, but like many fiends on the Council, he has chosen circumstance, it usually finds itself forced to act to stay in Hell so that he can reach others like himself.

Knowing that enemy to any group infernal politics, has been contacted by an this goal is all but impossible without the concerted effort of the that supports the War. Members of the Council feed information to each other fiendish ones, leaving about surprise attacks, large offensive measures, and new magi- the Council opposed to meeting and wants to ambush them. The cal research. By communicating in this fashion, they can fortify just about everyone. Council believes this devil has access to valu- or relocate ambush targets before they are attacked, redirect Even the neutral able information and wants to make sure the armies so that their efforts fail or result in fewer casualties, and groups are easily ruin dire spells before they come to fruition.

Lacking the num- annoyed by the side meeting happens without interruption. Do the player characters get The Council does almost no recruiting among the ranks of the potential enemies involved? Does the ally angel know of the supernatural, knowing that Hell has spies everywhere and Heaven know of or pursue it. Or does he just think this is some evil plot? What does the devil know that is so important?

Preferring the more personable nature of angels to the remote Hierarchy: Loose. A particular temple may be organized like and often incomprehensible nature of true divinity, the followers of another nearby good religion, but each one has its own style. The Hands formalized structure of her reli- are completely open about their gion. Yet she was fascinated by identity and goals. Visitors of note from other vention of angels in mortal affairs is what led faiths have the status of assistant clergy to the knowledge of religion and society.

She left unless they are leaders of another temple, in her temple with a number of followers and established an which case they are subordinate only to the senior open church that praised angels for their good works and thanked clergy. Below is a sample temple hierarchy. Formerly an ascetic living in a monastery to perfect him- self, he came to the city and joined the Hands after seeing a vision and angels. They from other religions to ishness of serving a flawed being which by definition is what a are opposed by a large and wealthy established speak in its temples about fallen angel is.

Members of more positive in its general outlook on the world. Player characters may become involved in either side and may actually be members of Members: 5, or either faith , supporting the quirky underdog more. Because many angels object to being worshipped, the who is trapped on the Material Plane. They honor angels as the agents of deities, rather than worshipping angels directly. Brief History Hands members believe there are angels everywhere in the world, Samandiriel, angel of fertility, saw the reaction of some mortals to helping mortals with difficult tasks and protecting them from demon attacks.

A person who joins the Hands chooses one or more the birth of half-celestials and was surprised. While the parent angels as a personal patron and makes specific prayers to her patron for guidance and protection. Divine spellcasters who join the Hands knew what to expect and do the same and receive their spells from these angels who act as proxies for one or more good deities. Clerics of the Hands choose welcomed the child, Adventure Seed: Twice the Blessing two domains as normal, though certain angels are customarily asso- other mortals who lived ciated with some domains more than others.

Their lineage cannot be traced to any Hands members do little active recruiting, though when serving gained permission to known angel who is living, dead, or fallen, their community they are always sure to explain the nature of their gather a group of mor- faith and how it is open to all like-minded folk. Only when a temple tals of his faith who though it is almost certainly the same parent. Is is being founded in a new city do the Hands encourage people to this divine intervention? The foundation for a join, if only on an interim basis. What significance do so many twins have?

Who is Allies the mysterious angel ancestor of these planetouched children? The Society of from those who might Godsblood counts the Hands as wish them ill. Among an ally, and in most cities the feeling is mutual. The Hands these first members were three mortal women who themselves had consider the activities of the borne half-celestial children. It disagrees with tal society. The older members the actions of the Brotherhood of Pure act as teachers for the students Spirit, though some sects of the Hands may con- and guards for the mansion sider angels breeding with mortals a sin.

The leader of sometimes becomes the target of hostilities from conservative the Society is called the churches and those that are very territorial about their worshippers. Headmaster, though it is a mili- tary position that is achieved by merit rather than tenure. The mem- bers are trained to react quickly, both to threats to their home and to the news of an unexpected part-celestial birth. Members: 60, not including students who number up to 10 during any particular year Hierarchy: Militaristic Leader: Headmaster Luke Shadewing.

The Society operates publicly, though remote stragglers and orphans the Society finds. Now in her fifties, she is agents may travel incognito. While the group normally feels content to counsel parents The Society functions like a military machine because its mem- or rescue at-risk children, they will take a more proactive role bers are expected to defend themselves and their charges at any against individuals or groups who target part-celestials. The Society time. The Headmaster has two senior lieutenants who help him wants to be left alone, and it hopes that by not pressing its beliefs run the Society.

Luke is a stern father figure for the students, most others of partial angelic heritage as extended members of its of whom hold him in utter awe. He personally has rescued 17 unusual family. Now 60 years old which feels like middle age to him, Allies given his enhanced half-celestial lifespan , he is looking for a per- son to groom as his successor. The Society considers any half-celestial or aasimar a potential ally, and it is good friends with any church that supports the union of Lieutenant Darvi Swiftiron NG female aasimar Brd10 decides mortals and angels. Truly evil folk are a secondary enemy and are much easier to track and predict.

She is the dangerous foes. Members pay close attention to all churches in their birth mother of three half-celestials by the late principality home city for signs that the Brotherhood has gained a foothold. Bearing shining halos, smiting fiends with their bare hands, and repairing the most grievous wounds with a touch, angels can do things that even some spells cannot duplicate: angelic feats.

T hese feats are available in addition to other feats of your do not suffer the normal —4 penalty when using this ability on a campaign. Likewise when lion, even though it is a magical beast instead of an animal. See the feat list on the next page. General Feats See the table for a summary of angels and their favored animals. A half-celestial descended from one of these kinds of angels counts as These new feats have no special general rules governing them as a that type of angel for the purpose of determining its animal affinity.

Anyone who meets the prerequisites can take a general feat. You gain damage reduction 5, which can be negated by weapons of an opposite ethos Cherub Felines of the chosen subtype chaos and law oppose each other, as do good and evil. For example, a hound archon has the good and law- Couatl Snakes ful subtypes. Dynama Ursines If you already have another form of damage reduction whether alignment-bypassed or material-bypassed from your race or as a Ghaele Felines natural ability, attacks against you must bypass both aspects of your damage reduction in order to harm you.

Hashmalite Canines However, if you have damage reduction granted from a magic item or spell, attacks against you can bypass either aspect of your dam- Hound archon Canines age reduction to harm you. Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects do not Kalkydrite Snakes or birds depending stack. Each time you select this feat it must apply to a different alignment subtype. Lillend Snakes Prerequisites: Angel Benefit: You can influence animals and celestial animals of a Malakite Mustelids badgers, ermines, certain type as if you had the wild empathy ability of a druid.

Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new weapon, skill, school of magic, alignment subtype, or selection of spells. Its effects stack. Its effects do not stack, but you gain additional uses of the ability. You can channel your personal energy into supernatural damage. If you learn these spells as a sorcerer, they are arcane spells Prerequisites: Fiend or tiefling despite their normally divine origin.

You add your [General] Charisma modifier if positive to your attack roll and deal 1 extra point of damage per Hit Die. Your angelsmite proves effective You can detect the presence of angels and fiends. If you accidentally Prerequisites: Angel or fiend or spell-like ability to detect evil or smite an inappropriate creature, it has no effect, and the use is still expended for that day. Each time, it allows you another use of your angelsmite per day. You automatically ignore your own presence with this ability. On the first round of use, it indicates Astride the Ladder [General] the presence or absence of angels and fiends.

On the second round, it indicates how many angelic and fiendish creatures are You can enter the Astral Plane, the access point to Heaven, Hell, present. This is a spell-like ability Benefit: You enter the Astral Plane. From here, you may will 1st-level equivalent. You may also travel to other planes accessible through the Astral Plane using normal travel times. You may remain in the You can exude energy from your hands, increasing your damage in Astral Plane as long as you wish, but as time does not pass there, combat. Using this ability is a standard Prerequisite: Angel or fiend action.

It can be used up to three times per day. You can bring with Benefit: Choose one type of energy acid, cold, electricity, fire, or you whatever you could normally carry. You home planes without needing to go to the Astral Plane.

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  7. Your manifested energy does not Celestial Mount [General] harm you, but you are still affected normally by energy attacks of that type. You can manifest this energy for a number of rounds per You can summon a superior mount.

    All Angels Were Not Created Equal -

    These rounds do not need to be used Prerequisites: Able to cast mount as a spell-like ability sequentially. Benefit: When using your mount spell-like ability, you may Special: You may gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a different kind instead summon a heavy horse, a light warhorse, or a horse with energy. You may manifest multiple types of energy at once. All other aspects of the ability remain unchanged. Prerequisites: Aasimar or tiefling Benefit: Drawing upon your supernatural nature, you no longer Prerequisites: Aasimar or angel Benefit: Because you are an angel or descended from one, your need to sleep.

    You are immune to sleep effects. You still need eight natural talent for magic comes from Heaven, and you have the hours of rest to prepare spells, however. Prerequisite: Fiend or tiefling Benefit: At will without using an action , you can grow or Prerequisites: Ability to detect evil at will as a spell-like ability Benefit: You are always aware of evil presences within 20 feet of absorb a fleshy, fiendish-looking tail.

    This awareness grapple checks. You may also use the tail to deliver a slam attack requires no concentration.

    If you concentrate upon this area for 1 dealing 1d6 points of damage plus your Strength modifier. If you round, you learn what the second round of the spell would tell you. Like all natural weapons, effects. Alternatively, you may concentrate to examine the normal the tail is a light weapon for you, so you can use Weapon Finesse area of your detect evil ability typically a quarter circle to a range of with your tail.

    Your tail automatically vanishes if you fall uncon- 60 feet as if you did not have this feat. Relaxing your concentra- scious. Prerequisites: Alertness You can use your celestial rage more often than normal. Benefit: While you are blind, you can perceive fiends as if you Prerequisites: Para angel Benefit: You can use your celestial rage one more time per day.

    When attacking or targeting fiends you have no Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you penalties for blindness, nor do you need to make Spot checks to select it you gain an additional celestial rage per day. Extra Spell-Like Ability [General] If you are on the Material Plane, you perceive fiends on the Ethereal Plane as shadowy versions of their true form likewise for You can use one of your spell-like abilities more often than normal.

    A fiend possess- Prerequisites: Able to use at least one spell-like ability ing a mortal looks like a pale version of its normal self within a Benefit: Choose one of your spell-like abilities that emulates a hazy outline of the possessed creature. This ability is treated as a 5th-level divination effect for the purpose of being thwarted by spell of 3rd level or lower. If the emulated spell is 0- or 1st-level, you abjuration spells that block such things. For example, misdirection gain three additional uses of it per day; if it is 2nd-level, you gain does not confuse this ability but mind blank does.

    Caster level and all other factors remain the same. This ability still requires line of sight. For example, you cannot detect a fiend that is around a corner or on the other side of a Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you closed door. Though it does not take an action for you to activate this ability since you can simply close your eyes to become blind , it does take Extra True Vessel [General] time for you to adjust to your supernatural sense.

    This adjustment takes one full round. During this adjustment period you can per- You have a true vessel and can shift from it to your normal body form other tasks though you are blind , but if you regain your and back again. You may also use this feat to create a new vessel to replace a Special: You may only use this feat if you are blind or have your destroyed one. Doing so takes one day per Hit Die and requires you eyes closed, though you may select it even if you can see normally.

    Fiendsmite [General] Other creatures with this feat may assist you in this process, work- ing for the entire duration and sharing the XP cost. You add your Charisma modifier if positive Special: You may select this feat multiple times.

    Seraphim Angels Meditation - Experience the Power of Love

    Each time you to your attack roll and deal 1 extra point of damage per Hit Die. Your fiendsmite proves effective against fiends, tieflings, and evil outsiders. If you accidentally smite an inappropriate creature, it has no effect, and the use is still expended for that day. Each time, it Great Claws [General] allows you another use of your fiendsmite per day. You can manifest powerful claws at will. Glorious Halo [General] Prerequisite: Angel or fiend Benefit: At will, you can grow or absorb long, sharp claws on Your supernatural power, manifested as a halo of energy, constantly surrounds you.

    This is not an action. These claws are natural weapons that deal 1d6 points of slashing damage. For example, a ser- the light given off by your Glory feat. You may still invoke the Glory aph could select this feat even though he does not have another feat, but its effects do not stack with this feat.

    You may show or vessel. If he later acquired a human vessel, he would be able to hide the halo at will. Whether the halo is use it when in that vessel. When visible, the halo may provide Healing Touch [General] light equal to a candle or no light at all at your discretion. You can heal yourself or others.

    Your halo does not have to be a halo in the traditional sense. It Prerequisites: Aasimar, angel, fiend, or tiefling can be a shape more appropriate to your patron or the powers you Benefit: You gain the ability to lay on hands as a paladin, heal- serve. For example, an angel serving the phoenix goddess might have a halo that looks like white fiery wings, while that of a servant ing a total number of hit points per day equal to your Hit Dice of the god of vigilance might have a halo that looks like a helm of times your Charisma bonus.

    You may also heal ability score dam- blue electricity. If you are a fiend or tiefling, you may use this ability to Glory [General] heal undead instead of damaging them. You can call upon your supernatural heritage to enhance your presence. Prerequisites: Para angel, ability to rage fiendish power depending upon your heritage that manifests as Benefit: You may use any of your rages, regardless of the source shining blue, gold, silver, or white light aasimar or angelic or roil- barbarian rage, and so on as a celestial rage.

    All of your rages last ing green, orange, red, or violet light fiendish or tiefling. This 1 extra round. The light is the equivalent of a torch. The glory lasts one minute per Hit Die. You can become temporarily invisible. Prerequisites: Angel or fiend, Wisdom 13 Note: This feat only affects damage reduction granted by race or Benefit: You may become invisible for one minute as a spell-like other natural ability. It does not affect damage reduction gained from magic items, spells, spell-like abilities, or any other means.

    It ability. This ability is identical to the invisibility spell except that does not affect damage reduction that cannot be bypassed with a angels and fiends see through this illusion automatically. You can certain type of weapon, such as the damage reduction gained by use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Hit Dice. Humaniform [General] Special: You may take this feat multiple times.

    You cannot increase the amount of damage resisted above You can assume the form of a humanoid and still retain your own abilities. When you select this feat you choose the features than normal. As with polymorph, you are an aver- sonic energy age physical specimen of that type of creature. For example, in human form your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution would be Benefit: Choose one type of energy to which you are resistant.

    You retain your own Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. You Your resistance to that kind of energy increases by 5. You may resistance 5. You could select this feat to increase one of those assume humanoid form for as long as you like and as often as you resistances to The other resistances would be unaffected. Returning to your normal form is a move action. Note: Nonhumanoid creatures, such as cherubim, lantern Note: This feat affects only energy resistance granted by race or archons, ophanim, and seraphim, normally use this feat to allow other natural ability.

    It does not affect energy resistance gained them to move about among mortals without drawing attention. Humanoid-appearing angels can select this feat but normally prefer the Extra True Vessel feat, as do more powerful nonhumanoid Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects do not angels who meet the prerequisites for that feat. Each time you take the feat it applies to a different type of energy. Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you select the feat, you may choose another type of humanoid or an Improved Fiendsmite [General] additional shape for a humanoid type you have already selected.

    You can channel your personal energy into amazing supernatural damage. Improved Angelsmite [General] Improved Spell Resistance [General] You can channel your personal energy into amazing supernatural Your spell resistance is greater than normal. Charisma modifier and its damage bonus to twice your Hit Dice.

    It does not affect spell resistance gained from magic items, spells, spell-like abilities, or any other means. Prerequisites: Damage reduction granted by race or other natu- Prerequisites: Fiend or tiefling ral ability Benefit: Because you are a fiend or descended from one, your natural talent for magic comes from Hell, and you have the poten- Benefit: Your damage reduction increases. You may increase the tial to use some common Hellish magical powers as arcane spells. If you have more than one kind of damage reduction. However, unlike magic jar, you do not need a gem or crys- If you learn these spells as a sorcerer, they are arcane spells tal, and instead of your soul leaving your body, your body becomes despite their normally divine origin.

    As a standard action, you may leave your host Large Angelform [General] which ends the possession and reform in your body or in one of your vessels. The target humanoid may resist the possession You are a particularly large specimen of your type of angel. An unwilling possessed creature can attempt a Benefit: You become size Large.

    You gain a —1 size penalty to new saving throw every 10 minutes to force you out of its body. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Armor Class and attacks, but gain reach 10 feet. Your space becomes Charisma modifier. Your ability scores and natural armor do not change. Minor Spell Resistance [General] Spiritual Contact [General] Your supernatural heritage lets you ignore some spells from lesser You can send a telepathic message to anyone on the same plane as you.

    Prerequisites: Angel or fiend, Wisdom 13 Benefit: You can use sending as a spell-like ability a number of Prerequisites: Angel or fiend Benefit: You gain spell resistance equal to your effective charac- times per day equal to your Wisdom bonus. As a sign of your faith you have constant wounds similar to that of your patron. Nomina Barbara [General] Prerequisites: Bound angel, Wisdom 13 Your secret magical name is strange and difficult to pronounce, Benefit: You seem to bear some constant wound or injury that transcribe, or translate, thwarting those who would try to bind or resembles a legendary wound carried or suffered by your patron.

    An angel serving Odin a Norse god who plucked out imprison or send away outsiders, such as banishment, binding, dis- one eye in payment for a drink from a well of wisdom might have missal, dispel good, and planar binding. Caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance for these spells used against you are made one eye always covered in shadow or appearing as an empty socket.

    The stigmata does not Parasim Horseform [General] actually cause you any Adventure Seed: Mysterious Wounds You can assume the form of a horse and still retain your own abilities. The stigmata is a wounds of any known deity. Is he under a curse? As with the wild shape ability of a druid, you gain the abili- supernatural effect and About to fall? Is this the sign of a future injury ties and attacks of your new form.

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    Unlike wild shape, you can still speak, cast spells, and use spell-like or supernatural abilities. You to a particular deity? Or the announcement retain your own creature type and subtypes. In other words, you do of the birth of a new god? You may use this ability once per day, with the horse form lasting up to one hour. Returning to your nor- vanishes while you are mal form is a move action. While your stigmata is Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Because others not of your faith do not see this as devotion and may be uncomfortable or repulsed by the stigmata, you suffer a —2 penalty when using these skills with all other creatures.

    Superior Fiendsmite [General] Special: You may select this feat up to three times. The second time you select it, you gain two additional uses of dimension door You can channel your personal energy into phenomenal supernatu- per day. The third time you select this feat, your ability to use dimen- ral damage.

    You can fly through supernatural power and pure force of will. Supernatural Light [General] Prerequisites: Angel or fiend, Wisdom 11 Benefit: You gain a fly speed equal to your normal land speed You can call upon your innate power to cause yourself to glow. Prerequisites: Angel or fiend average maneuverability. You cannot charge or run while flying.

    If Benefit: At will, as a supernatural ability, you can glow, shedding you are in a situation where you would fall, you decide if you wish to fall at normal falling speed, fall safely, or to remain in place. Angels create soft white or blue light, Willed flight requires concentration to maintain as if maintaining while fiends create green or red light. Maintaining this ability a 3rd-level spell.

    Activating or deactivating the light is not an action. Winged Flight [General] Temporary Incorporeality You can manifest wings, revealing your angelic or fiendish heritage and allowing you to fly. Doing so is not an action. With your wings mani- Benefit: As a spell-like ability effective spell level 4th , you can fested, you gain a fly speed equal to your land speed. You can charge or run while flying. Unlike Willed Flight, this kind of flight requires become incorporeal for one minute. You remain visible as a trans- no concentration.

    Angels have birdlike wings, while fiends have parent, ghostly image and can make noises no louder than a whis- batlike wings. You may move through solid objects. You cannot touch or You may cause your wings to vanish at will. Doing so is not an attack any corporeal creature or object except with the Healing action. They automatically vanish if you fall unconscious. You may use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to your Hit Dice. Dominion Feats Track Angelic or Fiendish Aura Dominion feats represent a powerful concept in the universe, or one of particular relevance to a deity, such as fire, repentance, rage, [General] knowledge, and so on.

    An angel with such a feat is considered an expert on that concept or particularly devoted to serving it. Such You can track a supernatural creature or object you have sensed. An angel wishing to select one of these feats must a creature or object long enough to determine its exact location and first petition such a being. If the being approves, the angel may select relative strength, this power attunes you to that creature or object. If the being disapproves, it is customary for the angel to undertake an appropriate quest to show You can track an attuned object or creature at any distance, her worth and sincere desire to gain the feat and then petition again.

    If you fail, you can try again next round. You cannot detect Sometimes a dominion and the associated feat is given to a your target if it is on a different plane than you. You must concen- worthy angel as a reward for exemplary service. In the past, dominion feats have been awarded to exceptional mortals as well, but always on a temporary Despite the name of this feat, you may use it to track both angels basis and for a specific purpose.

    You do not need to choose one type that you can track. The DM determines whether a concept is oppositional. The angel can behaving in a manner contrary to her dominion, she may lose the dominion and its benefits until she has atoned for her behavior. Some particularly powerful dominion feats allow extra uses Angel of Hope. Angels concerned with something of their powers if the angel with the feat accepts two or more nega- relevant to a particular concept are known to seek out an angel with that dominion for advice, mortals sometimes pray to a dominion tive levels.

    The special abilities that allow extra uses and the cost angel for help, and so on. Angels with the same dominion recognize a certain kinship with each other that crosses bound or free status for each use are listed in the Extra Use line of the feat description. For example, an Angel of Angels may have more than one dominion feat. However, he had not peti- dominion feats until redeemed as described in Chapter Two: Angels. Accepting larly devoted to the dominion in question.

    Is the temporary negative this a test by the deity? An attempt by another deity to recruit the famous angel? A plot by a nefarious power to create the appearance of disloyalty in the angel? Or simply a cosmic mis- take caused by misdirected heavenly forces? For example, an ability that requires a You represent the force of chance that affects all things. Once per day, you can reroll one roll as if you had the granted Temporary Negative Levels turn, while an ability that power of the Luck domain.

    If you have the Luck domain, this ability is in is a negative level that never causes actual level absorb a cold attack can be addition to the reroll ability granted by the domain. In all other ways, a temporary negative level her dominion feat. Unless dominion at the expense of Benefit: You gain the cold subtype, making you immune to cold otherwise stated, a temporary negative level herself. No magic or other but vulnerable to fire. This means you take half again as much lasts 24 hours.

    For example, a holy weapon bestows one tem- porary negative level when Once per day, you can use ice storm as a spell-like ability or porary negative level to any evil bearer that absorb a cold attack directed at anyone within 30 feet of you, com- remains as long as the evil creature carries it. If the attack is an area effect, you only Similarly, extra uses of the fiery burst power of negate its effects against one creature within the area.

    You may a kalkydrite see Chapter Two: Angels bestow protect multiple creatures in the area, but each one beyond the first one temporary negative level upon kalkydrim counts as an extra use of this ability. Absorbing a cold attack is a who invoke it. The temporary negative level supernatural ability and is not an action. You may use it when it is goes away after 24 hours. Extra Use: Absorb cold attack or ice storm, one temporary nega- she decides to accept one. The temporary negative Angel of Confusion [Dominion] level affects the angel even You intervene in mortal lives, sowing confusion to thwart those who mean well but are misguided without actually harming them.

    Angel of Announcement Once per day, you can use a benign form of confusion as a spell-like ability. Benefit: When speaking on topics of religion or of great impor- Extra Use: Benign confusion, one temporary negative level. Normally the relevant skills are Diplomacy and Intimidate, though other skills, such as Bluff, Gather Information, You embody the nature of fire, whether something relatively safe, and Perform, may be appropriate in some situations.

    Once per day, you can use suggestion as a spell-like ability. Benefit: You gain the fire subtype, making you immune to fire but vulnerable to cold. You are gifted at bringing heathens into your faith. Normally the relevant skills are Diplomacy and Intimidate, though other skills, such as Bluff, Gather Information, and Perform, may be appropriate in some situations.

    Extra Use: Sacrament of baptism, one temporary negative level. If the attack is an area effect, you only negate Consequences [Dominion] its effects against one creature within the area. You may protect multiple creatures in the area, but each one beyond the first counts You are an agent of fate. You ensure that the certain mortal actions as an extra use of this ability. Absorbing a fire attack is a super- occur regardless of other circumstances. You may use it when it is not your turn. Activating this supernatural ability is not an action. You can use it when it is not your turn.

    Extra Use: Fireball or negate fire attack, one temporary nega- Extra Use: Inevitable consequences, one temporary negative level. Angel of Intercession [Dominion] Angel of Friendship [Dominion] You intercede on the behalf of mortals to prevent their destruction. You embody the concept of friendship and goodwill. In other words, you may checks. Once per day, you can use good hope as a spell-like ability. Bridge see Chapter Four: Planar Geography. Representing divine mercy, he weighs the actions of a soul to see if it should be allowed Angel of Knowledge [Dominion] into Heaven. Extra Use: Good hope, one temporary negative level.

    You represent the power of knowledge and information. When you select this feat, choose one of those skills. Healing domain. Extra Use: Lesser commune, one temporary negative level. Once per day, you can use cure serious wounds, neutralize poison, Angel of Light [Dominion] or remove disease as a spell-like ability. Doing so is not an action, nor is ending the light. This is a super- natural light ability. Angel of Hope [Dominion] Once per day, you can use searing light a spell-like ability. Extra Use: Searing light, one temporary negative level.

    You personify the spirit that allows mortals to persist against insur- mountable odds. Once per day, you can use lightning bolt as a spell-like ability or absorb an electricity attack directed at anyone within 30 feet of you, completely negating its effects. If the attack is an area effect, you. You Angel of Sanctification may protect multiple creatures in the area, but each one beyond the first counts as an extra use of this ability. He informed Noah of the coming flood. You embody the concept that silence leads to enlightenment and Prerequisites: Angel, Perform skill any musical performance , 6 HD wisdom.

    Once per day, sing or perform at least one note to activate the charm monster. Israfel, Angel of Music, initiated Mohammed in the work of If you speak or otherwise make any verbal noise, you lose the being a prophet before Gabriel completed the training. She assured her sister that she believes Jesus lived to show people the way to God. At the Seraphim Center, a menorah stands watch over Jesus, pharaohs, angels, Buddhas, dream-catchers and other spiritual and religious symbols crowded upon a table. The members conceive of God as a sort of energy, and the purpose of the services are to help each other better connect to that energy.

    One of the things that Covington says makes her feel most connected to God is performing a healing. There are many forms of energy healing, including individually developed techniques and widely practiced techniques such as reiki. She uses soothing music, relaxing scents and deep breathing to create a peaceful, meditative atmosphere for her clients.

    She invites her clients to talk to her about their stressors, and then has them lie flat on a table, eyes closed. She then uses hand movements and crystals, which some believe to absorb energy, to try to clear negativity. She was only 9, but as the next-oldest child, she tried to fill his role in taking care of her family. Later, she gave up college to help her family. And when Estling, founder of the Seraphim Center, started grooming her to lead the congregation after him, she stepped into his shoes, too. The onslaught of change in her life started right after the healing, which happened in October.

    The decision to take on another job was one she made for herself. Tags Gainesville. Lisa Hill dedicates her time, energy and care to children at the Waldo Summer Camp. Each day she offers peace of mind for parents and a whirlwind of adventure for the youngsters. My friend, being a psychic will seriously enjoy this post.

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